Current Human Learning Lab Studies

Participate in a research project: practice for job hunting while you help us improve teaching at Victoria
We’re working on a research project to identify teaching practices that assist students with job hunting after they graduate. We’re looking for students who would be willing to complete a short mock job interview and/or complete a workshop about ePortfolios. The realistic mock interviews will be good practice for job hunting. The workshop will introduce you to Victoria’s new ePortfolio tool that helps you document your skills and experience so you can then communicate them clearly to potential employers. We will also give you a small thank you gift for your time.

We would like to know:
1. Whether you would be keen to complete the mock interview and/or the ePortfolio workshop
2. Which 200 level Biology courses you’ve taken / which 300-level Psychology courses you’ve taken

3.Your grades for the 200 level Biology courses / 300-level Psychology courses you’ve taken

4. Whether your current plan is to job hunt when you complete your undergraduate degree

If you email us this information, we will then use it to put together groups of students for each activity and be back in touch. At this stage we will give you more information about what is involved and you will be able to choose whether to participate. We will keep the information that you provide at this stage completely confidential within the research team.

Please email if you would like to participate



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