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Thank you for your interest in this project. Please read this information before
deciding whether or not to take part. If you decide to participate, thank you. If you
decide not to take part, thank you for considering my request.

Who am I?

My name is Henry Boyle and I am a Masters student in the Master of Innovation and
Commercialisation at Victoria University of Wellington supervised by Dr Maree Hunt
and Jenny Douche. This research is work towards developing a major report on my
innovation and commercialisation project.

What is the aim of the project?

This project is investigating suitable markets when it comes to the use of audiovisual
stimuli inside of a floatation tank. This questionnaire is focused on identifying a
target market for this technology. This programme has been approved by the Victoria
University of Wellington School of Psychology Human Ethics Committee.

How can you help?

Questions presented in this survey will help to identify similarities in people who
actively float. Any similarities found will be used to elaborate on suitable initial
experiences to implement within the flotation tank. Questions will ask about
experiences associated with flotation tanks and other leisure time pursuits.

What will happen to the information you give?

The responses you provide will be collected, coded (turned into numbers) and
combined with other participants’ responses. I will then analyse the data, and look at
overall patterns of responses. I may then write scholarly articles or make
commercially orientated presentations in which I talk about these patterns of results.
The data may also form part of a thesis. I may also use your data in other related
projects, share it with others, or quote without attributing anything written.When I
do any of these things—share data, describe results, write articles or theses, or give
scientific presentations—it will be impossible for anyone to identify you, because your
data will be represented as a set of numbers. I will keep this coded data indefinitely.

What will the project produce?

The information from my research will be used in my Masters report. I may also use
the results of my research for conference presentations, and academic reports.

If you accept this invitation, what are your rights as a research participant?
You do not have to accept this invitation if you don’t want to. If you do decide to
participate, you have the right to:
• choose not to answer any question;
• receive a copy of the research results;

If you have any questions or problems, who can you contact?
If you have any questions, either now or in the future, please feel free to contact

Name: Henry Boyle


Name: Jenny Douche
Role: Course Co-ordinator

Name: Dr Maree Hunt
Role: Academic Supervisor

Human Ethics Committee information
If you have any concerns about the ethical conduct of the research you may contact
the Victoria University HEC Convener: Associate Professor Susan Corbett. Email or telephone +64-4-463 5480.

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